10 January 2016

Dare to Dream

The main thing that keeps an objective out of reach is your assumption that you cannot reach it. You’re able to do precisely what you expect to be able to do.

Are there dreams that you dare not to dream because you’ve decided that you cannot attain them? If so, then your negative expectation has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Before you abandon or downgrade your most treasured dreams, consider this. When your goal is personally meaningful and compelling, you can achieve it, whatever it may be.

You are never too old or too young, too rich or too poor, to direct the energy of your life toward a compelling objective. Life is about making a difference, and that’s something you can do no matter what your circumstances may be.

There is somewhere you truly wish to go, something you sincerely desire to achieve, right this very moment. Take the time to find it, commit yourself to it, and make the effort to make it happen.

Your dreams represent some of the most valuable gifts you have to give to life.

Dare to dream, and allow the best of who you are to be fully expressed.

Ralph Marston

13 December 2015

Breaking the Shackles

Bound, shackled and in some cases even mentally beaten by our environments, our family, friends, and traditional practices. One of the strongest links in the chain of bondage has been our mindset. We do things that we really do not want to do. We work on jobs that we really do not want to work on. We have become restrained by events or circumstances that restrict us from living out what we were created to do. We have become reduced to making a living for someone else to live out what they were created to do. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Freedom is not the right to do as we please but the right to find how we ought to live in order to fulfill our potential.”
However, there is also that little something that peaks our curiosity, grabs our interests and causes us to explore a little further. It’s that opportunity that we consider when we say, “If I could do it all over again.” It’s that thing that we’ve developed a little passion for. But of course we cannot pursue that because we already have something (our plantation) that we’re tied to. It’s paying the bills but not paying my way to satisfaction. It’s given me experience but not the experience that I really want. Sometimes you just know and you sense that there is some untapped greatness just sitting there on your shoulder waiting to be thumped. “All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have equal opportunity to develop our talents,” John F. Kennedy. “Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts,” Nelson Mandela.
Embrace the experience of taking the shackles off your mind so that you will have the freedom to pursue your dreams and walk in your created destiny.

4 March 2014

If Work is a Curse then is Being Happy Going to Work an Oxymoron?

Many justify their drudgery of the Monday morning blues simply as their fulfillment of the Biblical suggestion that work is a curse. So then the question becomes, is it possible that you can feel anything else but regret when having to go to your 9-5 job? Yes and No.

     The Bible also says if you do not work you do not eat so you must work. If for nothing but this reason alone, the clock is therefore punched and in a timely, punctual manner. However, it is also possible to punch that clock and enjoy doing so as well, but if you’re not doing this then it is time to stop and evaluate what exactly what you’re doing.

     First, understand that there are those who have jobs or daily responsibilities and they enjoy them. Then there are those who are not fulfilled and receive little to no enjoyment from their 9-5. One might ask what the difference between the two is. The difference is the mindset and will of the purposeful worker. Yes, the worker who enjoys his daily tasks is usually one with purpose and who is working on purpose and it isn’t just to eat.  Every employee, whether self-employed or not, must sit down and determine, if they are enjoying what they’re doing. Then the next question is whether or not they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Is this what I was created to do?

     When you are doing what you feel like you love and are supposed to be doing, then it makes it easier to do it. Just think about what you’d love to be doing right now. Then imagine doing it. Imagine what others are saying as you do it. It should give you a jolt of adrenaline and that adrenaline gives birth to new ideas, creativity and money making innovation. Ask any millionaire.

     After realizing that you want to be happy and that you can be happy, it is now time to draw on will power and action. Develop a plan. Write it down and make it plain so that you understand it and you move towards accomplishing it. Be consistent and diligent in working on your plan. Consistency attracts success and moves every obstacle.  Obstacles will arise, however they’re just speed breakers and not death. Death occurs when nothing changes and life wilts and withers away. As long as there is life, there is possibility. Your mountains today can become your footstool tomorrow.

     Put blinders on and only look forward while reminding yourself frequently of those that did, so now you can. So, with our new found knowledge, plans and action, we are moving toward happiness not only on Mondays but every day.

4 March 2014

Off Your Plantation Experience

What do you need to begin the journey off your plantation? First there is a recognition that you are on a plantation. You have become restrained by events or circumstances to restrict you from living out what you were created to do and restricted you to making a living for someone else to live out what they were created to do, How do you recognize something that is so ingrained in your being that you’re not conscious that there is a problem or uneasiness? If you are content with what you are doing and it’s enough, you have no stirrings, longings, or desire to do or experience anything other than what you are doing and experiencing now, then this is not the journey for you. But if you know, that you know, that there is some untapped greatness just sitting there on your shoulder waiting to be thumped, then get on board because this in one journey that you must take to free yourself from untapped reserve to unlimited resources. This is not a business or an MLM but a journey to getting off your plantation, moving into your creative destiny and purpose, and sharing that experience with others.

20 October 2012


A New Season ushers in a new start for most of us. We pledge to quit old habits, shed bodyweight, get a new job or get our financial situation in order. Too often, by February much of our resolve has disappeared, mainly because we could not get over ourselves. We’re our own toughest opponents when it comes to modifying our behaviors.

What most of us need is a strategy that we are clear about, and adhere to through all of the difficulties, cravings and pressures to remain the same. This Self Growth Plan contains five primary components that you will need to get over yourself and win the fights to take you to greatest achievements.


You don’t have to be religious to be a spiritual person. When a person has spiritual strength within, they have a built in belief system in themselves that will propel them on no matter what the problem.


We all have some habits we’d like to rid ourselves of, but some habits are devastating and impact many places of our life in a bad way. For example consuming too much of anything can possibly impact us health wise or mentally.


Too much untreated stress in our lives can possibly lead to depression and anxiety and take a toll on our health. When you find a way to control stress and release it then you’ve found a key element toward positive self-development.


There are many kinds of connections in our life – members of our family, partners and friends, money, co-workers and even food. Until we deal with the harmful relationships in our lives that hinder us from achieving success and good self-development, we’ll be missing in that part of our life.


As you take care of your body – so you take care to maintain your thoughts. Without exercise, the healthy diet, avoiding chemicals and other contaminates in your life, the body doesn’t function as it should – and neither will your thoughts.

As you begin this journey of Self Development and growth, turn inward for answers. You will discover that there are some things that you have always been pretty sure of – and some that will be a big shock. Begin to journal about your progress and drawbacks, and understand about yourself in everything you endeavor to do.