4 March 2014

If Work is a Curse then is Being Happy Going to Work an Oxymoron?

Many justify their drudgery of the Monday morning blues simply as their fulfillment of the Biblical suggestion that work is a curse. So then the question becomes, is it possible that you can feel anything else but regret when having to go to your 9-5 job? Yes and No.

     The Bible also says if you do not work you do not eat so you must work. If for nothing but this reason alone, the clock is therefore punched and in a timely, punctual manner. However, it is also possible to punch that clock and enjoy doing so as well, but if you’re not doing this then it is time to stop and evaluate what exactly what you’re doing.

     First, understand that there are those who have jobs or daily responsibilities and they enjoy them. Then there are those who are not fulfilled and receive little to no enjoyment from their 9-5. One might ask what the difference between the two is. The difference is the mindset and will of the purposeful worker. Yes, the worker who enjoys his daily tasks is usually one with purpose and who is working on purpose and it isn’t just to eat.  Every employee, whether self-employed or not, must sit down and determine, if they are enjoying what they’re doing. Then the next question is whether or not they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Is this what I was created to do?

     When you are doing what you feel like you love and are supposed to be doing, then it makes it easier to do it. Just think about what you’d love to be doing right now. Then imagine doing it. Imagine what others are saying as you do it. It should give you a jolt of adrenaline and that adrenaline gives birth to new ideas, creativity and money making innovation. Ask any millionaire.

     After realizing that you want to be happy and that you can be happy, it is now time to draw on will power and action. Develop a plan. Write it down and make it plain so that you understand it and you move towards accomplishing it. Be consistent and diligent in working on your plan. Consistency attracts success and moves every obstacle.  Obstacles will arise, however they’re just speed breakers and not death. Death occurs when nothing changes and life wilts and withers away. As long as there is life, there is possibility. Your mountains today can become your footstool tomorrow.

     Put blinders on and only look forward while reminding yourself frequently of those that did, so now you can. So, with our new found knowledge, plans and action, we are moving toward happiness not only on Mondays but every day.

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