4 March 2014

Off Your Plantation Experience

What do you need to begin the journey off your plantation? First there is a recognition that you are on a plantation. You have become restrained by events or circumstances to restrict you from living out what you were created to do and restricted you to making a living for someone else to live out what they were created to do, How do you recognize something that is so ingrained in your being that you’re not conscious that there is a problem or uneasiness? If you are content with what you are doing and it’s enough, you have no stirrings, longings, or desire to do or experience anything other than what you are doing and experiencing now, then this is not the journey for you. But if you know, that you know, that there is some untapped greatness just sitting there on your shoulder waiting to be thumped, then get on board because this in one journey that you must take to free yourself from untapped reserve to unlimited resources. This is not a business or an MLM but a journey to getting off your plantation, moving into your creative destiny and purpose, and sharing that experience with others.

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